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Family Decorations

Whatever your event, we make every effort to guarantee you a decor perfectly adapted to your desires, your theme, your room but also your budget.

Birthdays, baptisms, communions, bar mitzvahs, birth gifts, surprises of all kinds!   For every occasion we have a ball …


Simply magical, our creations are only limited by the imagination...

On each occasion his ball!

Chic, fun, sober, glamorous or quirky, we adapt to your wishes.

Welcome, atmosphere creation, luminous balloons, small or large spaces, the visual offered by our balloons will remain in people's minds for a very long time.


Do you want this moment to be magical for both you and your guests?

Our balloon creations are the "touch" that will undoubtedly make the difference with traditional decorations. Created exclusively for you, according to your desires, we make every effort to ensure that the magic of your day remains forever engraved in the minds ... and in the photos! Simple bouquets, centerpieces, reception, church seats, exit from house, photo space, room sky, … we know how perfect everything must be!

Parades and Carnivals

In parade, as in ambulatory our team creates for you the craziest characters or floats!

Fantastic animals in balloons, waders, pyrotechnicians, ... everything to make your event a moment of unique emotion.

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