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Spectacles & animations bulles de savons géantes

Flair & mixology

A festive day for your employees and their families.   A unique opportunity to strengthen ties between colleagues in a fun and recreational atmosphere.

For the benevolence of the children and the best possible progress, we rely on maximum security (closed spaces, identification bracelets, telephone contacts, etc.).

We thus guarantee a successful event in complete peace of mind for parents and organizers.

Magic & fantasy show

From the stage to the living room, from the street to the house, our shows are always adapted to the public and the place of performance.

Based on magic theatre, the shows are fully participatory and comedy-focused.   Here, magic is only one of the accessories of the show…   The magic of the staging and the stories are the real magic!

  Passionate about secondary arts, Magic Morgan offers a unique variety of disciplines in the same show: Chinese shadows, Tabarin, transmission of thoughts, origami or balloon act...

balloon sculptor

More than an animation, it is a Festival which is proposed to you!!

  Nothing is impossible with balloons, you will be both seduced and surprised by what it is possible to create with balloons!

No limit in the themes, for both children and adults.   You'll never see balloons the same way again...

From animation for children or adults during public or private festivities, to the complete creation of sculptures for your occasions, you will always make the right choice!

balloon show

From the paper design to the on-site realization, our team makes every effort to materialize the wildest ideas where only the imagination is the limit.